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2 more days

We started off by getting in a nice morning training session here at Sityodtong in Pattaya.  It was short and basic but I still enjoyed it…and for those who are asking, “where are all of your training pictures.”  Please contact me for our next trip, as we are too busy training to take many pictures! haha ;)

We found our local food that we can get for a mere 25-35 baht right down the street from where we are staying here in Pattaya, Rick and Roy dubbed her, “Senora Mosca” due to the flies that swarm throughout the place.  Amazingly we can eat this food and haven’t gotten sick yet, so we have been going there after morning training to get our fill of rice and assorted foods.

We have been spending our down time here at the beach in the 90+ degree weather and humidity.  Gotta love drinking coconuts and relaxing in-between training sessions.

I’m being harassed to wrap things up, so I will post more when I get a chance, got a couple of pictures of us training, for those people who are asking about it.

Sawasdee, from Thailand

4 Responses to 2 more days

  1. Yasamina says:

    Thanks for posting puooo! :) Enjoy those coconuts!

  2. AlterEgo says:

    Thanks Jonathan… you guys look like you have an addition to your group. So where are the pictures of your night life? Are you gonna post any of those pictures?
    Thanks for sharing and keeping the people on this side of the world informed.

  3. Emile says:

    Good stuff, is the training easier or harder than what you expected so far?

  4. David Pu'u says:

    Outstanding coverage and writing Jon. Thanks for taking us all along! D

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