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5 Days…

We woke up at a decent time to train this morning, much to Roy’s dismay, but it felt good.  Did a short and hard interval training session, just the way to start off the weekend.  Also did a few “drills” that I haven’t done in a while, always good to go back to the basics of fighting.

After doing the class oriented training, went on to do some sparring.  Due to my legs taking quite a beating from all of the sparring that I’ve been doing, I decided it would be best for me to just get some boxing rounds in.  Sadly for me, only our 180lb friend Juan was around to spar with.  Now I’m ~140lbs so that is a good 40 pound weight difference, not to mention he is very strong but is around my height.  We let loose a bit, Juan definitely had me seeing stars a couple of times, but it’s best to get that out of the way before a fight.  Only did 3×3 minute rounds with him but I still felt I had energy afterward.  Dan, one of our trainers, pretty much made Juan clinch with me, as he seemed pretty spent as he has been away on work for a bit.

Clinching went well, definitely have to change my game plan when I’m clinching someone of Juan’s stature.  He is so strong that he can just low-lock me all day if I let him.  I think I held my own against Juan during clinching.  Every time I clinch with Juan I seem to get a little bit better when I go to spar/clinch someone who is around my weight.

Doing all of this work makes me realize how much I’m going to be able to improve while I’m in Thailand.  I already feel pretty sharp and on-point, despite the multiple ( took me 3 tries to spell that correctly :P ) blows to the head I’ve taken over the past week.  Have very minimal/minor injuries that will get better with a little bit of RICE.  Will definitely skip any sparring before we leave.

Everything is happening to fast right now, actually have plans to relocate myself pretty soon for a more permanent solution to what I’m doing.  More on that when we get back…

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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