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A New Beginning

Well, before I knew it, I’m back in Bangkok!  Sorry I never did a follow-up to my last blog post from while I was out here, I’m sure I will get to it eventually while I’m out here.

 LAX was a breeze, ran into someone I went to high school with who was heading out to Uganda on missionary work.  The way it happened is interesting to note, I was looking down at my phone and I saw someone drop their digital camera on the ground.  I handed it up to them without looking, only noting that they had their hands full and they couldn’t grasp the camera.  Two minutes later that same person walks by me as I look up, and I gave him the “do I know you?” look.  Small world.

The flight from Los Angeles to Taipei went very smoothly, I actually was able to sleep on the flight for once.  I have to admit, I bought one of those dorky travel pillows.

Our connection flight was delayed by about 30 minutes, but we were just on a 13 hour flight so a few extra minutes was nothing to complain about.  Passed the time by playing cards with Brandon, the young gun on this trip to Thailand.  I knocked out for the 3 hour flight from Taipei to Bangkok, much to my surprise.

Thakoon’s brother was waiting for us just outside of customs, and to make things short, we talked about soccer and checked into our hotel.  After we got checked-in, we made a run to 7-11 to buy minutes for the international SIM card for my phone, which we were able to do after a few minutes of jet lagged brainstorming.  Imagine trying to say this in a foreign language, “I want to buy a topup card for our cell phone.”  Not the easiest thing to try to communicate when you are drowsy and jet lagged.

We went to sleep around 4am, after making some calls back home to let everyone know we made it here safe.  Woke up at 9am to get things sorted out with the hotel and going to the Channel 7 fights.  We got in touch with our friend Kiate Sirigul, whom we met last time in Thailand along with his family.  Kiate came out to the United States for the Muay Thai Extravaganza show in El Monte in support of Stand Up Promotions and the MTAA. Thanks to Kiate, we were lucky enough to enjoy ringside seating at Channel 7 today! :)

Some awesome fights( video soon ), and a failed attempt at buying our new gloves and gear due to the stores being closed on Sundays….

Tomorrow we start training, hope everyone is doing well back home!

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  1. Great to hear an update.

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