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A Week Out

Definitely been picking up on training as of the past few days while Southern California continues to be blitzed by this winter storm.  Tornados, thunder storms, and heavy heavy rain, very unusual for us to say the least.

I’m really excited for this upcoming trip, everything is falling into place around it as well.  Kru got me a fight about a week and a half after I get back.  It’s going to be the first fight that goes onto my permanent amateur record.  Couldn’t think of a better way to start that off by going to Thailand to condition and get everything in working order.  The plan is to go un-injured and can carry that momentum throughout the rest of the year.

Actually stayed the past two nights at a friends down here in Hollyweird, partially due to the poor driving conditions between here and Ventura.  This is both good and bad, it’s good because I’ve gotten to train consistently and make some future plans that will hopefully be all said and done very soon.  Got a ton of sparring in yesterday, and managed to come away with no injuries, Roy wasn’t so lucky, he became a member of the “fat foot club”.  I’m pretty sure I’m next on the list…;)  Now for the bad, I didn’t expect to be down here this long and have very limited clothing, luckily our friend is such an awesome host and gave me a tooth brush, place to sleep, awesome food and a place to do laundry.  You know who you are…

Tomorrow G4TV is coming back to do some filming with just Roy.  Don’t know exactly what they are doing but should be interesting to see.  They did a very good job on the Muay Thai segment for Attack of the Show so I’m sure whatever they do will look good.

Had a good training session tonight, worked technique then did some sparring and bag work.  Very sore today but I feel really strong.  Definitely ready to start training in Thailand. :)


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