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First of all, thank you for your interest in Martial Arts & Fitness, as it’s something that has immensely changed my life for the better and something that I thoroughly enjoy sharing with others. My passion in Martial Arts & Fitness has grown and shaped who I am over the better part of my adult life and I believe it is something that people all of ages can benefit from. If you want a more in-depth view into who I am, I suggest reading My Martial Arts Story.

-Jonathan James Puu

Raised in the beachside town of Ventura, Calfornia, I began my Muay Thai training as a 18-year-old with a clean slate and no previous martial arts experience. I immersed myself from the get-go. Within my first year of training, I traveled to Pattaya, Thailand to pursue my Muay Thai training and fight as well. After experiencing the difference in training and techniques while in Thailand, I returned back home to seek out a Thai trainer here in the states.   Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Kru Dej “Nokweed” Sri-Ampai, the owner and head trainer at  Muay Thai School USA in North Hollywood.  I relocated there to pursue my training. After a handful of fights, a few more trips to Thailand, and apprenticing Kru Nokweed & Dan Mayid as an instructor and fighter, I decided to return home to Ventura to share my passion for Muay Thai as a teacher for local martial arts academies in the Ventura County Area. I went on to open my own private gym, based on private lessons and semi-private group classes. I’m still actively competing while teaching my group and private classes. I seek to constantly improve myself and my students as martial artists and as people.

• 7+ years of experience in Muay Thai training
• 6+ years of experience teaching and training others
• International fight experience in Thailand and Mexico City
• Studied & Trained in Thailand at prestigious gyms, such as Sasiprapa, Sityodtong, Keatkhamtorn and Fairtex
• Competing on a National and International level in full contact Muay Thai & Kickboxing bouts
• Trained under Kru Dej “Nokweed” Sri-Ampai and Muay Thai School USA
• Specializing in teaching group classes, private, fitness and pro & amateur fighter training for people of all ages and sizes.

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