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Approaching Bangkok

I’m currently writing this as I’m approaching Bangkok from Taipei, it still feels unreal that I was able to pull this trip off again. This time, I’ve made the leap by myself, unlike previous times when I had traveled with a group. Butterflies did start hitting me before I boarded the plane, but that I remembered why I was making this trip.

My tutor Pup gave me some great advice on speaking Thai, thanks Pup!

My tutor Pup gave me some great advice on speaking Thai, thanks Pup!


Traveling to Thailand, specifically Bangkok, to train is always something that I’ve been so happy about doing, making the commitment to do what I love to do, in the country it comes from, Muay Thai. I believe it’s something that really helped me to develop my passion for martial arts.

It’s been since July 2010 that I last visited, I didn’t mean for it to be that long, life just started to happen. On my previous trips, I didn’t have has many commitments and responsibilities. It didn’t dawn on me until I boarded the plane, but the, “Do it while you’re young” motto really started to be very apparent. I’m damn lucky to be able to travel like this.

With these great trips, come great stories, which include great people & great experiences. I hope that I’m able to share some of this during my short 3-week stay in Thailand, through my blog and video logs.

Enjoy and SHARE because that’s the point of me taking the time to do this. To share my experience with all of you… Whether you are someone who doesn’t even know me, my family, to my students who I train with day-in and day-out (you’re kinda like family too guys) and the people who support me on a daily basis.

On a final note, if there is anything you would be interested in seeing or hearing about, let me know and I’ll do my best to capture it!

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