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Feeling beat….2nd day

Minus me
It’s getting towards the end of our second day out here in Thailand.  Started out with another short training session, in attempt to ease our bodies into moving after being cramped on that damn plane.  We all had kankles for a bit! :P
As dangerous as motorbikes are, it is pretty much the only way to get around in Thailand.  So we of course got that all settled for while we are in Pattaya.  Besides, we are a little off the beaten path and can’t get a baht bus out here.
Me and Roy heading out.

Last night we met up and got some dinner at Savoy off of Central and 2nd Road here in Pattaya, had some of the best seafood I’ve had in a while there.  

                                                                                                                EAT ME
We took it upon ourselves to go to the beach today to drink some coconuts and beer.  As you can see here, I definitely need the sun.  Won’t be like that for much longer. hahaha
(left to right: me, Pat-Phalong, Remy and Julius)

Ended the day with a nice dinner at a restaurant that we went to last time Roy and I were out here.  Now sitting back at our rooms posting and reviewing the pictures from the afternoon.  Hope everyone is enjoying the pictures…

Sawasdee, from Thailand

Ok, funny story behind this one…can you see it?  
Did it by accident, apparently everyone thought
I setup the picture on purpose….hahaha
I noticed the sun doing crazy things so I made Roy jump in the water.
Rick getting ready to leave the beach

Out at lunch after training
(left to right: me and Julius)
Rick and Remy in-between bouts of traffic
Have to be a real nerd to notice these things…haha

6 Responses to Feeling beat….2nd day

  1. Keep the photos coming. Does your seafood still have eyes?

  2. Leslie says:

    oh my my my puu, looks like lots of fun and trouble!

    Find okinawa! (I know that’s japanese or whatever but they have the same there) haha

  3. Looks like a great trip so far. Enjoy!

  4. Great journal piece! I have a friend who is a Muay Thai champion, Tom Jones, I’ve sent him your updates. Can’t wait to see your first fight!

  5. Yasamina says:

    it’s so great to be able to read along as you guys continue on your journey! THANKS! :)

  6. Ahhhhh! Such familiar faces, such familiar places and such familiar images…
    I hope you guys are doing well!
    P.S., those scooter moments are priceless!

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