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Final countdown!

We are coming down to the final day to when we leave for our trip to Thailand.  It’s time to relax and get ready to leave on our 20+ hour flight over the Pacific Ocean.  The past two days of training have been going very smoothly and I feel very strong and capable to continue my training overseas.

Last night I had a chance to do clinch work with Kru, which is pretty much a way for him to see how we are progressing.  I knew it would be a long session once he said, “Come on, take me down, I’m an old man”.  This went on in our training room, which has the heater blasting which was making me sweat like a pack mule.  I did my best to try and stand my ground, which was lifted from underneath my feet multiple times. ;)  After a good 20 minutes Kru mentioned that the last 3-5 minutes is when he runs a clinic on us.  So I knew I had to get him down somehow, and by some stroke of luck/skill I was able to finally get him down!  I couldn’t have been more excited at that moment.  I was still beat from the whole experience, I feel it as I write this.

I was completely beat-up when I woke up this morning, I haven’t felt like that in a while.  Makes me feel a little human for once, being the “invincible” 21 year old that I am. ;)  Had a long drive back from Hollywood to Ventura, had a nice nap and some sleep at my house.  Got a little bit of packing done for the day…..just some boxing trunks and stuff for my medical kit.

Back down here tonight in Hollywood to train, got a nice short and hard training session in.  Got some good clinching in with Soroyan and our friend Julius.  I can definitely feel my technique and balance improving every time I train.

Sitting here now and enjoying a cold beverage and some ice cream to help celebrate all that is happening in our lives right now.  Things can only go up from here, which is very good for our trip.  Enough typing…..back to mint chocolate chip ice cream. :)


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