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First day out

Jet lagged in Taipei.
Yesterday was our first full day of training out here in Bangkok.  It’s one of those things that I secretly dread, just because you feel so out of it.  The humidity here takes a few days to get used to, as most Californians aren’t used to drinking through their lungs.  Not to mention the pollution here in Bangkok, which contributes to the dense, water-like air.
I recently just recovered from Achilles Tendinitis, so my conditioning isn’t up to par, due to not being able to train for the past month and a half.  Luckily I was able to start running about a week before our trip, otherwise this would be even harder for me right now.
We are training out here in Bangkapi at Sasiprapa Gym, which is relatively well known throughout the world for the quality training and producing quality fighters.  The gym was even featured on Discovery Channel’s “Fight Quest”.  The gym is managed by Ajarn Thakoon Pongsupha, who just so happens to be friends with my trainer, Kru Nokweed Sri-Ampai, which explains our definite decision to train at Sasiprapa.

In the morning after pad training, I got in some clinching, but not with someone even remotely near my weight.  This kid must be 100-105 lbs, which would be good for Brandon, not a 145 lb man.  I couldn’t get in the clinching that I wanted and it seemed that I was just a test for the young Nak Muay, as the trainers were coaching him from the ring curtain.  I later was set to spar this same kid, the sparring here is strictly boxing as they can not risk to injure their legs because they fight here so often.  But this kid kept moving forward and eating my jab, I felt that I was just a test for this kid again as all he did was move forward, which I will admit, it wore me down punching at such a wide open target for 5 straight rounds but I just didn’t get it.  Hopefully I will be matched up better next time.

Brandon was able to spar with a young Nak Muay who is around his size.  The whole gym stopped to watch, it is so awesome to be able to see Brandon training out here with the kids, as he is the same size and weight as most of them.  Needless to say, they keep wanting Brandon to fight out here, but this won’t happen without his Father being out here with us, so maybe next time. ;)

Also figured out who speaks fluent English at the gym, we met a couple of Canadians who are out here for the next week before heading out to Cambodia to live as monks at a monastery for 2 weeks.  Pretty interesting guys and it’s always a relief to meet someone who speaks fluent English out here.  I know I’m in a foreign country, but it gets quite dim hearing, “same same” and not being understood….I really do need to brush up on my Thai before next trip.


The food here is awesome as always, for a mere 50 baht, roughly $1.50, I was able to grab this tasty dish at the restaurant across the street.  I know it’s half eaten, but I completely forgot I planned on taking a picture of it as soon as it came onto the table.

Well time to start off another day of training out here, it’s a little after 7am here, which would be 5pm back in California.  I miss everyone and hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.

EDIT – no jogging due to the random thunderstorm moving through, no problem!  It’s so awesome seeing and hearing thunder this big and loud!

Guy on mattress from Jon Puu on Vimeo.

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