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First Fight For Pu‘u Muay Thai & Muay Thai Ventura Program!

With the past few months being very hard for me, with a car accident that put me out of commission from the ring and having to work hard to get back to my feet. I’ve been able to pick myself up and get back into competition! It’s been a vigorous 8 months of rehab and I’ve passed my final test of getting back into the ring!

I’ve been slowly building up my Muay Thai Ventura program and was given the opportunity to test how my back was recovering… in a fight! I slowly started to stress-test my back, as I was only given a few weeks notice to train for an international Muay Thai competition in Mexico City where I would represent my students, friends, and family as the main event! (Also known as “super estrella” in Mexico) I’d also be representing Ventura, California as a leader in the local Muay Thai Ventura community.

This is something that I couldn’t have done without the support of my friends, family, students, teachers and mentors. I was so happy to be back in the ring, it’s like returning home after a very long vacation. :) I was lucky enough to have the support of my Ajahn Nokweed in training for this competition, along with some of the best Southern California Muay Thai fighters.

Though the competition was stopped on a questionable call, I’m happy that I performed the way I did in the ring, with my new found focus. My mental game is on point and I can’t wait for the next competition and to represent the Muay Thai Ventura community again! I was fortunate to bring a student/training partner, Christian Hernandez, and corner him in his fight right before I had to step foot into the ring. He was successful using clinching techniques shared by Ajahn Nokweed and passed through myself. I’m very happy for him and his new trainers who helped him prepare him for the ring. :)

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