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"Hey Cowboy Lady!"

We woke up to a nice view of our mirror being completely fogged up from the humidity with the air conditioner being on, which was pretty cool to see.

The days morning training was significantly better than the day before, due to actually getting some actual sleep.  Despite the fact that I was wide awake at 3AM, and could only try to fall back asleep.  Brandon got in some sparring with his new buddy at the gym, it’s so cool to see him getting in some quality sparring and training at his age.

In the afternoon, we decided to go to “THE MALL”, yes it’s just called “THE MALL”.  We had to go exchange some money for our friends who wanted some equipment back home.  A short 15 minute cab ride to “THE MALL”, and we were walking into what seems like a town in itself.  “THE MALL” is huge, Brandon got some video of the place, so hopefully we can get his video uploads to work soon.

 After “THE MALL”, we decided to go head over to Lumpinee Stadium to check out the boxing stores in the area.  We all bought some gloves, wraps, jump ropes( the big heavy ones ), as well as some custom shorts.  We spent probably around 6 hours in that one area just shopping for boxing equipment to bring back home.  I’m kicking myself now for not bringing my camera, we didn’t really expect to be there that long. There is a night Bazaar next to Lumpinee stadium, which seriously has everything an importer needs.  I think we will be going back there, so hopefully I will bring my damn camera… We ended up designing some custom shorts at a shop next to Lumpinee, only 550 baht, which is LESS than the pre-made short at the Twins Store next door…..  I really wish we had a camera then, the graphics artist, Raptoi, sat down with us, drew out designs and layouts that we might like, and made suggestions that we might like.  We spent a good hour and a half designing shorts, and before we knew it, it was 6PM, missed afternoon training!!  BUT we got a lot finished and that won’t be happening too often from now on.

It took a mere 2 hours to get back to the hotel…..HAHA WE COULD HAVE WALKED BACK FASTER!  Probably not, but it took forever in traffic to get back to the hotel.  We were all starving and sat down to a nice dinner.

That is some rice, sirloin steak( for my new-found anemia ), fresh veggies and a nice spicy sauce to top it all off….can’t forget the orange shake on the upper part of the picture.

Time to head out to morning training after a good nights sleep!

Woohoo, from Thailand,

  Jonathan Puu

EDIT: the meaning behind “Hey Cowboy Lady!”

“Hey Cowboy Lady!” from Jon Puu on Vimeo.

4 Responses to "Hey Cowboy Lady!"

  1. David Pu'u says:

    Totally into your accounts. Thanks Jon. Keep it up! Anemia?


  2. Kim Voss says:

    Yeah what’s with the anemia? Is the political unrest over now? I truly enjoy following your Thai adventure.

  3. Jon says:

    Iron deficiencies are NO GOOD!

    Thanks for coming along Kim! ;) The protests are over….for now. They are crazy people, no one here likes them. Most of them aren’t even Thai, most are from Cambodia, Laos, and surrounding SEA countries.

  4. zax says:

    Cowboy in the day, not the same..
    what, he try to to make you pay for take video??

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