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A peak inside Lumpinee

Today is Friday here in Thailand, a week from now, we will have finished up our last training session in Thailand for this trip.  I’d normally say the last training session in Thailand for the year, but as with this trip, you never know when you will be coming back.  Every trip here seems to make me realize just how lucky I am to be able to come over here and do what I love to do. 

This trip has been a bit different for me than the last two trips though.  As I’m constantly learning the limitations of my body, I’m learning to control my training to make sure that I’m training efficiently.  This is something that I’ve always been told I would learn, but I never knew moderation existed in something like combat sports.  Going into this trip, I had just started to recover from a debilitating Achilles injury, which I acquired from over-training.  This was a huge wake-up call for me, as I’ve been plagued with injuries recently, and most of them are tied to my over-training.  The only way for me to compare my situation is the following…  Let’s say you are a recovering alcoholic, and you are invited to an all expense paid, world beer tasting festival.  This is a once in a life-time opportunity, you have to go, but how do you handle your addiction to alcohol when you are surrounded by it?


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  1. David Pu'u says:

    Glad that you are learning this Jon. It is part and parcel of learning your bodily limitations.

    Finding the edge is always tricky.

    Often, the carrot of peak fitness has little to do with victory.

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