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Pattaya to Bangkok

We had our final day of training in Pattaya (February 4th) as we would be heading to Bangkok to train at Sasiprapa Gym.  We had our morning training session at Sityodtong as the morning training there seemed to be a bit more intense than the afternoon.  Felt awesome finishing up the pad work and drinking some cold Thai tea over ice from a street vendor who seemed to time his arrival based on the training at the gym.

We said our goodbye’s to the trainers at Sityodtong and decided that we liked the training at Fairtex so much that we went back for the afternoon training.  Of course we spent the rest of the day relaxing at the beach. ;)

Siisom, my pad holder from the other day at Fairtex had been making motions that he would be killing me on the pads today.  Didn’t bother me, just made sure to warm-up proper before getting in the ring with him haha.

After the pad training we got in a bit of clinch work with some of the fighters/trainers.  I had the pleasure of clinching with Siisom’s son, who apparently is a Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadium Champion.  I didn’t do as good against his son as I did against the other trainers yesterday but I learned a lot.

After training wrapped up we decided to go down the street to a nice restaurant and talk about our trek out to Bangkok the next day.  We had a bus booked to pick us up near Sityodtong where we were staying at and take us to Bangkok.  After dinner we went back to our rooms and crashed out for the rest of the night.

The next day (February 5th) we woke up, turned in our motorbike keys and hopped on our bus to Bangkok, which is about a 2 hour drive from Pattaya.  We stopped about half-way to our destination at a little market and street vendor spot.  Had some very interesting pastries that were soft like a pancake and filled with some coconut, sadly I couldn’t snap a picture of them because we were enjoying them so much.  Remy and Roy decided to get some fish balls and pork, which are always good as long as they don’t give you a case of Montezuma’s Revenge.

We were dropped off at our hotel in Bangkok which is located about a block away from Sasiprapa.  This hotel is very nice and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stay this far away from the bigger part of the city.  The place is called Vaboir Lodge and looks like a mini Las Vegas hotel at night and has a very nice traveler “feel” to it.

After settling in an unpacking into our new rooms we had some time to kill before meeting up with Thakoon, the owner of Sasiprapa, and luckily our friend Shawn had been our here for a month on a previous trip and knew the area.  We walked for a mile or two and came up on a really big shopping mall, which is a complete different atmosphere here than in Pattaya.  Malls aren’t really my thing but this place was quite impressive and it would take a few days to even be able to navigate through it haha.

On the way back out of the mall we noticed a little outdoor market and we hadn’t eaten since earlier in the day from the stop we made on our way to Bangkok.  I settled on a nice plate of fresh noodles and some fresh juice.  The noodles and juice only set me back 20 baht, which is roughly 60 cents.  (I’m craving these noodles as I type)

After heading back to our hotel we met up with Thakoon at Sasiprapa and I couldn’t have been more happy with the atmosphere at the gym.  Everyone was working during the round, no bullshitting, very hot and humid.  Thakoon gave us the information for the training and was happy to see us, especially Shawn.  He actually still has a picture up on his wall of Shawn on his last trip out here, I will definitely have to get a picture of it haha.

We decided to go to Lumpinee Stadium (more info on Lumpinee HERE) for the shopping but decided that we were all a little too beat from the traveling and save us a $60 ticket for a place we would probably fall asleep at.  Would have been awesome to go inside but I was running on Red Bull and I wasn’t the only one.  The taxi ride sucked but what can you expect at rush hour haha.  Somehow Roy, Remy, Rick and Julius all left after me, but got there before me, still can’t figure that one out.

Me in front of Lumpinee Stadium

All of the boxing equipment stores around Lumpinee made me start drooling.  Especially once I saw the price of the gloves, only 1,000 baht for a pair of lace-up 14 oz. Twins Special gloves, which is roughly $30.  :D  This came at a very good time as my Pro Boxing gloves are taking a big nosedive out here and are barely usable.

We went out and got some dinner after being kids in a candy store, of course it was good, then headed back to our hotel to get some much needed sleep.  The taxi we took back actually had a TV in it and the driver asked where we were from, next thing you know he pops “American Pie” on the screen….LOL

Woke up with probably the best night of sleep I’ve had out here, partially due to having my own bed and the mattress not being rock hard like in Pattaya.  Had some milk and headed off to our first training session here at Sasiprapa gym in Bangkok.  Thakoon took Shawn, Armen and me out to where the boxers run, which is right behind our hotel.  I’ve heard horror stories of people actually having to dodge on-coming traffic during morning runs at other gyms in Bangkok and was glad we didn’t have to do this here.  Half-sleep runner doesn’t do very well against a bunch of cars and motorbikes.  One of the fighters, who’s name is Boo, was just warming-up to run when we got there and we ran with him for a bit then headed back to the gym.

The pad work here was awesome and just what I needed, my pad holder Bad (not sure if that is how you spell it) had me working up a nice sweat and was very good at pacing out a whole fight on the pads.  We got some footage of the pad work and will hopefully be able to post it up when we get back.

Now we are back at our hotel rooms and I need to get off the computer because this took me a good 2 hours to write and upload pictures.  We will be heading out to train in a couple of hours and hopefully I’ll be able to update more soon so I don’t give you this huge wall-of-text to read.

Sawasdee, from Thailand

Shawn, Remy, Julius and Me

At the outdoor market near the mall
This picture doesn’t do this moment justice, just woke up for the first time in Bangkok and the camera barely worked due to the humidity fogging up my camera.

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  1. David Pu'u says:

    What a GREAT account Jon. Loved getting to share this through your words and images.

  2. Donna says:

    I’m enjoying following your travels on your blog here, especially with all the great photos! Nice to hear you’ve been getting some beach time too. Make memories!

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