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Plastic Pollution: You’re Not Doing It Right

On my first trip to Thailand, I was so happy to see that I was helping contribute to the cause of plastic pollution, from when I first set foot in 7-11 (yes, they have them there) after my 22 hour flight and was giving a plastic bag, for my plastic bottle, with a plastic straw that was wrapped in plastic.  I should have asked them to double-bag it, as my friends were frowned upon for not wanting a bag or a straw, I could have helped pick up their slack on developing the plastic river here.

Ask to double-bag it so Fido can have a home

Ask to double-bag it so Fido can have a home

As a developing country, Thailand is very crazy in some ways when looked at from a Western perspective, but they are very realistic when it comes to plastic pollution. There are so many opportunities to help contribute to plastic pollution in Thailand. Let’s start with my morning ritual of drinking water from a gigantic plastic bottle, or if at the gym, a re-usable (BAD!!) plastic cup.  Following my morning run, I’d hit up the fruit stand, where I could get some delicious fresh-cut fruit.  The fruit would come diced in pieces, in a thick plastic super-hygienic bag, which was then put into a grocery-style plastic bag for my ease of carrying and convenience in contributing to the developing way of tackling plastic pollution. You better bet that I was getting my thai coffee in a plastic cup with a plastic bag as well. Only “farang” don’t use the convenient plastic bag and you bet I was doing my best to blend in here.

If it weren't for the bag, I'd say he was a farang for sure.

If it weren’t for the bag, I’d say he was a farang for sure.. but with the bag, 100% Thai.


My favorite was seeing the rivers in Bangkok, they were overflowing with plastic.  I’ve also made a few trips to Pattaya to see the plastic jelly-fish floating about as well.  It made me realize that ‘Merica needs to step up their game if we are going to catch up to these developing countries. We must join forces to help make the plastic ocean exist! After-all, the ocean isn’t full of plastic, it’s just something that the world is striving for. From a Western perspective, this might sound crazy, but let’s all join in the fight to make plastic pollution a part of our everyday lives, let’s embrace the developing countries ways of doing it. I mean, I would love for the ocean to be saturated in plastic and be able to walk my way to Asia for vacation, wouldn’t you? Unlike ice, it wouldn’t pull a disappearing act and melt away.



“How can I help in excelling the greater cause of plastic pollution?”

Serious time now, this level of waste is ridiculous and makes me realize how futile things like a plastic bag tax and plastic bag bans are here in the US. The big plastic pollution problem is overseas, can we focus on that? Please…?


Plastic Polution, FUCK YEAH!

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