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Street Vendors

Almost every travel guide for Thailand advises against eating from the street vendors, especially here in Bangkok.  I have to disagree…  You can get some of the best tasting food from these people, you just don’t eat from the vendor cart that is parked over an open sewage pipe and you should be in the clear.  Anything from fish balls, chicken, octopus to fresh cut fruit and sticky rice, it’s all here.

Last time I was out in Thailand our friends discovered this amazing pastry that is made by street vendors.  Words can’t even describe how awesome this thing is, it shouldn’t even exist.

It’s so greasy, but so good and I wish I knew all of the exact ingredients but I’ll do my best to describe how it’s made.
First the person making this thing has a tub of grease with dough balls soaking in it.  Each dough ball is a little bit bigger than a golf ball.  They then begin to kneed the dough on a flat surface and flattening the dough out to make a big flat and thin surface, you can actually see through the dough at this point.  They heat up this big pan with coconut oil and toss in some whole butter( I’m assuming, it kind of looks like whipped cheese ).  Once the pan is sizzling, they throw the stretched out dough over the grease, at this point they throw a concoction on top that is the filling.  The filling is made of banana and egg, which are whipped together and thrown on top of the sizzling dough.  Then the dough is folded over to make a nice neat rectangle.  This is carefully watched to make sure the side on the pan is nice and browned, then it is flipped and browned on the other side.  Once taken off the pan, the pastry is cut into small squares, topped with dehydrated milk and some sugar.
As you can tell, I’m a bit hungry…. :)
Sawasdee, from Thailand

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  1. Fish balls? Are they raw?
    This pastry is like a turnover with bananas in it? Glad you are experiencing new things!

  2. Katy says:

    jon!!! looks/ sounds like you’re working hard and having an awesome time! :)can’t wait to hear more stories! cya soon neighbor!

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