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Surviving The Long Flight

My flight to Bangkok has been different every time I’ve been.  Surviving the long flight is something that you learn to do, with experience of course.  The first time I made the trip to Bangkok, I hadn’t been on a plane since I was 4, little 19-year-old me didn’t know what I had gotten myself into on that flight.  I’ve been lucky enough to learn every time I’ve made the long trip (20+ hours on a plane people) and hope to share that with you.

Things to bring with you!

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste – this is a godsend when you are in hour 14 and have been in & out of consciousness while snacking on food.  You’re travel companions (the person sitting next to you) will definitely appreciate it. ;)
  • Water – Here in Los Angeles, and from what I can tell, most airports, you can’t bring water from the outside to the terminal.  You have 2 possible solutions: pay the $6 for big water bottles (you need about a gallon) or bring re-fillable water containers.  I learned the water container trick from a fellow traveler on this trip, dully noted for my trip back.  Make sure you stay hydrated, they don’t give you enough water, you have to fend for yourself on this one.  Most international flights have water dispensers that you can rig to refill your containers as well.
  • Snacks & Food – Don’t get me started on airplane food, but if you must, opt for the vegetarian meal and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor avoiding all of that sodium.  “I’ve never had a problem with sodium” You say?  Neither did I, but who am I to blame for having kankles almost ever time (not this time!).  I brought some instant oatmeal packets, if you can’t get hot water, just go the room temperature water route.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  Trail mix and maybe some healthy snack bars might do the trick.  Pure or Larabars are a good choice!
  • Eye Mask – Remember those things that you saw your parents wearing on a weekend when they finally got to sleep in? Yeah, they look funny but you’ll be able to sleep on the flight.
  • Neck Pillow – Looks funny, but a will allow you to be somewhat comfortable
  • Ear plugs – just make sure you put them in after your take-off.

Leg room please

Being crammed in economy on a 14+ hour flight SUCKS.  I always say I’ll eventually fork out the extra cash for a business class ticket, but that never happens.  I like to think that I’m an able-bodied person,  so make sure you are as well before doing the following… Check-in early and ask to be seated in the exit aisle!  Damn, you’ll get all of that leg space and you will be the envy of everyone around you.  Plus, you are responsible for opening that emergency exit if stuff hits the fan.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen an elderly person sitting in this seat, I’d much rather it be someone capable of opening that door fast.   It will also make it easier to stand up and stretch, do some squats, etc… Not to mention you will be pissing a lot if you keep up with your hydration strategy from above.  If you can’t get the exit row, ask to get the aisle seat so you can easily get up and move around.  If you can’t, just talk to the person sitting on the aisle and tell them you will be pissing a lot and wouldn’t want to bother them, maybe they would be willing to give the spot up to help save some extra sleepy time.

With these tips, I can tell you, you will be wondering what the heck you’ve been doing before.  I’m kankle-free, hydrated and healthy after my 20+ hour trip.  What more could I ask for when I’m here to TRAIN?

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