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Top 5 Best Muay Thai Blogs

Since I’ve began my journey in Muay Thai (and martial arts in general), the growth of resources on the internet for Muay Thai has been HUGE! I used to be able to search YouTube for “Muay Thai” and sort by date uploaded and be able to get into the previous day of videos… That just isn’t possible anymore, and whether it be for better or worse, that’s how it is. With this same massive flow of information on Muay Thai, this can also make it a little bit confusing about where to find some decent content from all of the Muay Thai blogs and videos that are out there.

With that being said, I do get asked how I know who all of these fighters are, sometimes with a strange look that I can remember a name like Pornsanae Sitmonchai but I can’t remember what I had for breakfast on the weekend (oatmeal on the weekdays!), which is usually met with a strange look. So I’ve decided to list out my Top 5 Best Muay Thai Blogs for you guys!

#5 – Muay Thai Pros

What they do: General Muay Thai related blogs written specifically for people who train Muay Thai. Not saying this is bad, it’s actually refreshing to see someone posting only about Muay Thai and Muay Thai related topics. They also aren’t afraid of speaking their minds on certain topics, always good to hear a different perspective on things.

What it’s good for: While it appears to still be a “work-in-progress” website, it seems you can find some good information about fighters, and a little more in-depth analysis of Muay Thai. Not to mention some of their articles based solely on a single fighter; which some of these guys have crazy stories that brought them to where they’re at.


#4 – Muay Thai Authority

What they do: Muay Thai Authority has been around for a while (I’ve even been up on there a few times) and is a general blog that is based around even information. They used to do a ton of interviews, but it seems they are stepping away from that a bit. There is still a ton of content on there, not to mention, fight photographer Scott Hirano had his humble beginnings here and is still producing images for them. I’ve seen their blog really take-off from the beginning as a basic blogspot blog, to this full-blown Muay Thai media spambot. It’s kind of ridiculous sometimes, I see them leaning towards clickbait on with their social media coverage, but who can blame them? I don’t think they make much money (if at all) on the blog, I mean it’s a blog about Muay Thai.

What it’s good for: Keeping up with Muay Thai & Kickboxing events, especially in North America, but they do provide some global event media coverage. It’s also a good place to read back on old content to catch-up to the latest on who’s-who in Muay Thai. Plus you get Scott Hirano’s awesome fight photography to help tell the story.

#3 –

What they do: First of all, it’s not really “they”, as it’s a singular person updating this site. I actually stumbled onto Sylvie’s (that’s her name!) videos on YouTube back in the day (using the method described at the beginning of this post) and noticed she was very consistent on uploading videos. I slowly began following what she was doing, as I noticed she was competing and training consistently. It was interesting to see her growth from an amateur fighter to a full-time professional fighter FEMALE fighter in Thailand. That’s no joke for females there, it’s especially hard for females, due to gender inequalities, which many just chalk up to cultural differences. Anyway you look at it, Sylvie is living the martial arts lifestyle.

What it’s good for: Getting an inside view into the life of a fighter in Thailand, with the addition of getting the female perspective as well. Sylvie posts a lot of informative videos for those who might not have accessible training and is very open to discussion. I’ve followed a couple threads she posts over on /r/muaythai as well and have noticed she gives some solid advice out there as well. But if you want to live in Thailand or are considering traveling there to train, Sylvie’s blog is a must read… Don’t forget to watch some of those Muay Thai training videos as well!

#2 – Muay Thai Guy

What they do: Again, it’s a single person producing this content (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong) and there is a ton of it. Sean Fagan first appeared on my radar via Tumblr, and it appears he grew over onto his own web space a while back. He used to have a horrid website, but it’s much cleaner now. Sean has recently (as of writing this article) made the jump from being an amateur fighter to a professional fighter. He has also taken a big step into podcasting and I listen to it from time-to-time. It doesn’t bless my iTunes like the Joe Rogan Experience, but when the mood strikes.

What it’s good for: Muay Thai specific podcast which is informative and has some interesting interviews from people in the Muay Thai community. Sean also shares some good dieting tips and I believe he even released a weight-cutting manual. (if you have used it, please comment below about what you thought about it) He’s also been brutally honest about his feeling in regards to fighting, something that not many people can seem to grasp if they haven’t been there before. I’m talking specifically about his blog about being TKO’d in the first round of his pro-debut here in the states. Much respect to him for giving people a little insight into this… Only a fighter would understand.

#1 – My Muay Thai

What they do: My Muay Thai used to be a very big part of Muay Thai news and blogging here in the States. I’m not sure what happened exactly, as they had quite a few people writing for them. They seem to be making a comeback as of late, and I believe it’s for the better. Not to mention that they are the oldest blog here on the list.

What it’s good for: Well, being the oldest blog on here, they also have some of the best quality content. Though some of it may be old, things like the Muay Thai Minute will never really become old. Also, one of their original bloggers, Matt Lucas, recently published a book titled, “The Boxer’s Soliloquy” which you can pick up on Amazon. I really do like the interviews they do as well, you don’t get the same general bullshit questions that you get from some of the other blogs listed here that interview people… Most fight interviews are general bullshit questions, but if you read through My Muay Thai’s interviews, you will understand what I mean. Quality content is where it counts, and that’s why these guys are in my #1 position for the Best Muay Thai Blog. Congrats guys, and I’m glad you’re back to it!

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Featured Image by Thomas Sauzedde//CC 2.0

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