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Training and Lumpinee

It seems that it takes about 1 week to start getting into the swing of these here in Thailand.  Being my 3rd trip out here, I’m now realizing that the air travel over here takes a toll on your training for the first week.  We are all starting to feel a lot better during training, not feeling completely drained, but slightly beaten.  I’m recovering well from my Achilles injury, the mileage is slowly gaining on my jogging, and my stamina and weight are playing some kind of role reversal, stamina going up, weight going down.  The blisters on my feet are almost non-existent, Brandon got one of his own yesterday. ;)  Thakoon, the owner of Sasiprapa is out of the country in Japan with Boo, one of the fighters, they left here late last week.  Boo was fighting out in Japan, so hopefully he did well, he is a beast.

Last night we had to rush out of training, to catch an amazing fight card out at Lumpinee Stadium.  The main event was supposed to be Petchboonchu vs Petchmonkong, but it was canceled on us, as we found out only as we were handed the fight schedule on our way into the stadium.  Wuttidech, one of the fighters from Lookprabath fought as well.  Wuttidech was relentless with his front push kick, as his opponent, F-16, was following him rounds 4 and 5, but only head on.  I’ve never seen anyone use their front kick like that before, it was a legitimate win from the fighter from Sara-Buri, very good for us to see a fight like that.  Wuttidech landed an AMAZING neck kick at the beginning of the 2nd round, catching F-16’s right leg, and swinging his right leg up to F-16’s neck, making a nice splash of sweat and water appear over the fighters shoulder as he stood stunned for a moment.

As I mentioned before, the main event was canceled, BUT they had a replacement fight.  Sakeddao vs none-other than Saenchai Sor. Kingstar himself.  I only thought I would get one chance to see Saenchai, which was in the US with Stand Up Promotions.  Luckily, we just happened to be here in Bangkok, and see Saenchai fighting as a main event fighter at Lumpinee, and against the current number 1 super-featherweight at Lumpinee.  It was a legitimate match-up, I’ve never seen Saenchai take that much damage in a fight before, and the fight went the full 5 rounds.  Saenchai did bring home the big W though, adding to his enormous record of 200+ something fights.  It was funny seeing the betting pit at Lumpinee, no one was taking bet during the 3rd and 4th round, which is usually when the most betting is going on.

Anyways, it was a stacked fight card( see images below ), and we couldn’t have picked a better time to go watch fights at Lumpinee.

Off on our morning jog, I hope everyone is doing good and had a safe weekend. :)

Jonathan Puu

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  1. David Pu'u says:

    Wow you guys are stoked. What a fight to see! Thanks again for the share Jon. Keep it up. Rest, meditate, train, eat, repeat

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