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Training, Training and More Training

I haven’t been updating the blog because I haven’t been doing much except training.  :)  Which is both good and bad, good because I have a fight coming up, bad because I’m missing out on some sight-seeing.  I’m planning on taking tomorrow’s afternoon session off to go to the Grand Palace with Roy and Armen. 

Remy, Shawn, Rick, and Julius headed out about an hour ago to go back to Fairtex in Pattaya.  They are on more of a vacation and I don’t blame them for wanting to go back to the beach, the only thing keeping me here is the training at Sasiprapa.  I’ve been pulling double duty on training, and I’m feeling pretty good and eating well.  We just had some of the tastiest food out here, a little place right across the street.  I didn’t even notice the tree that the building was built around, yes, you read correctly, there is a tree that goes straight through the floor and roof.

Armen is leaving to go back home on Friday, Roy and I are leaving home on the 17th here in Bangkok and will be back in California on the 17th.  We are still at the Vaboir Lodge, right down the street from Sasiprapa Gym.

Time for a mid-day nap before afternoon training, hope everyone is doing good!

Sawasdee, from Thailand

3 Responses to Training, Training and More Training

  1. Do some sight seeing! You can train when you get back! You are on the other side of the world and it’s part of your education.

  2. Emile says:

    keep it up, when is your fight? we’ve got pretty crappy weather here …. ohh sunny Thailand
    Are the rest of the gang coming back on 17th too? or have they extended their stay for another week or two? :)

  3. Jon says:

    Emile, fighting on February 27th for that amateur event One Kick Nick has out in Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure everyone is coming back the 17th, Shawn is thinking about staying for a bit longer.

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