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We made it!

I’m sitting out here in Northern Pattaya, aka middle of nowhere, on our friend Arman’s computer.  We got into Pattaya around 3-4AM and we are definitely feeling the effects of our jet lag. :)  I never realized how far away from the beach Sityodtong is, but it just makes it that much better being away from all of the tourist crap.

Our housing for the next week is about 1 mile away from Sityodtong, which is a little far for my liking but I think it could make for an interesting run with all of my gear.  I’d rather just stay at the camp but I don’t believe that they had room for us. :(  A part of being away from the tourist area, people don’t speak as much English so it’s a lot of pantomiming what we are trying to ask and using what little Thai we know.  Definitely made for an interesting breakfast of some very spicy chicken over rice for $0.75 a person.

We will be here in Pattaya for the next 5 days, then we are heading back out to Bangkok, which is about a 2 hour drive away, to Sasiprapa Gym then out to Phuket for the last leg of our trip.  We have to decide soon if we will be driving to Phuket or flying.  From a training point-of-view I say we should fly, but at the same time, driving down there could be very interesting as we could see a lot of the country as we make our way to Phuket.

Sadly our computer won’t accept my camera so the pictures will have to wait until I can get to a computer that doesn’t have Thai as the only language….makes it hard to just visit a website when the keyboard can’t even type in English.  LOL

Off to go try and catch up on some much needed rest so we can actually train.

Sawasdee, from Thailand

EDIT: got our pictures working!


Arman, Rick, Remy, Soroyan, Julius, Me( Jon ), and Shawn
Scavenging for food
 Where we ended up eating “breakfast” haha

Note the M-150…. ;)
Soroyan, Remy and Shawn at breakfast.

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